Brazil is not a serious country / Le Brésil n’est pas um pays sérieux

Charles de Gaulle, French President, said in the 60’s, during a political crisis between Brazil and France, the famous sentence: “Le Brésil n’est pas um pays sérieux” (Brazil is not a serious country).

If you want to understand why, watch the video below about a candidate called “Tiririca” who is running for the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies (Lower House) in 2010.

The video has 4 parts which are translated below.

Part 1: “Hello folks, I’m here to ask for your vote ‘cause I wanna be a deputy… to help the people in need, including my family. Therefore, my number is 2222… if you don’t vote on me, I will DIE” (funny yelling)

Part 2: “I’m Tiririca from TV, I’m a deputy candidate. What does a deputy do? Actually, I don’t know. But, vote on me and I’ll tell you. Vote on Tiririca, it won’t get any worse than it is… Vote 2222 for deputy, ok?” (slang)

Part 3: “I’m Tiririca, a deputy (candidate), my number is 2222. When you type (the number) right there in the voting machine, this guy will appear… and this guy is me… OH, WHAT A HANDSOME CANDIDATE!”

Part 4: “Are you tired of those who cheat (slang)? So vote on Tiririca for deputy. My number is 2222. ‘Cause if you vote on me, I’ll be in Brasilia and I’ll be, actually, doing ‘the thing’ for the life of our Brazil, our life, our moment, our… thing, that we have (completely senseless). For deputy, Tiririca… vote on this stupid one.”


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32 responses to “Brazil is not a serious country / Le Brésil n’est pas um pays sérieux

  1. Cíntia

    Great post/initiative Mauricio. We have to spread out this ridiculous Brazilian scenario.
    As you mentioned, it is completely senseless.

    However, it is important to clarify that “People get the kind of priests they deserve”… =/

  2. W.G.

    Muito bom, Mauricio. Ë preciso divulgar. Ë este o Brasil Grande dos sonhos prepotentes Lulistas, e pelo que parece, o pais que a Dilma vai herder. Ela merece.

  3. W.G.

    By the way, this guy received 1.2 million votes – the highest number of all congressional candidates in the country.

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  5. Heather

    Brazil its such a ridiculous country with a lot of imbecils on it, ppl that dont get nothing seriously, a bunch of stupids that dont know how to follow rules, laws, that dont have a bit of politeness, seems to monkeys in fact,i saw lots of videos of em at the beaches acting like a bunch of mokeys stealing people, in fact brazl doesnt have a serious penal system, the penal system its a freaking stupid joke.

    • welingtonaquino

      shut up ignorant,we don’t live in the beach,you see in one video one thief
      ,does not mean that we are all thieves

      • Carol

        Ridiculous is your comment! What do you know about a different country? You shouldn’t know anything. Ridiculous are people like you! I’m living in the U.S.A and guess what? People are not PERFECT! The problem is not the country. The problem are some people, so… Close your mouth!

      • carol, you misinterpreted my comment, I meant exactly what you said

      • Fabio

        Why is that the foreigners that have never been here think they know better. The media can do whatever it pleases, just some editting will do the trick. Right here they portray the U.S as the perfect country. Hey, I´ve been to a number of cities in the U.S and guess what?! They have issues there as well. Just like here you get nice and stupid people. Before judging from what one sees on TV, he or she should come down here.

      • I don’t know, Fabio … It’s pretty discouraging, and I’m not at all sure that we really should invite people down here for them to find out what it’s “really like”. A friend of mine came here for the Rio+20 conference and decided to stay for a while in order to get to know things better. He travelled around and generally liked it. Last night he took a taxi (a regular yellow Rio taxi) to Galeão in order to catch his flight to New York. At the airport, the taxi driver stopped in front of the terminal. My friend got out and headed (just 10 meters) to get a cart for his luggage. And what happened? The taxi drove away fast, with all of my friend’s luggage! Did that ever happen to you in the U.S., Fabio? I have never heard of it happening to anybody anywhere. What a great taste of Brazil to have left in my friend’s mouth. “Gee, Mom, I got you this nice present in Rio, but the taxi driver … “. Where were the police? Coçando o saco em algum lugar. Haja paciência com este país.

    • Cris Rissi

      I am a brazilian and I agree when you say that we dont have a serious penal system. We actually condem this. But before you ofend ALL brazilians I would like to invite you to come over and visit the all cowntry first, so you can take your conclusions after that. Its the same I go to New York and after visiting a poor and dangerous place in Brooklin, I tell everybody that New Yorkers are all drugdealers and dangerous! Come on lets starting off by respecting the people of a cowntry when you want to criticize a cowntry’s penal system.

    • Celso luis

      shut the fuck up man, you don’t no anything about my country

    • quem liga?

      sem contar que Heather é um gordo brasileiro barbudo se passando por americana, seus comentários são um pouco verdade.
      Not to mention that Heather is a fking bearded brazilian pretending to be an american, his comentaries have a bit of truth in ‘em.

  6. joao

    today june 4 2011 the military police of rio de janeiro invaded the fire station to arrest firemen who are protesting against their low salaries (500 USD) per month. the mil police fired shots and threw stun grenades upon entering the fire station that had wifes and kids eating breakfast with their parents who are firemen. hundreds of firemen were arrested after street clashes between mil police and firemen. the MAYOR called the firemen vandals, and defended the actions of the police. this is the same city that will host the world cup in 2014….

  7. rurudy

    legal…Isso que se chama democracia…todo mundo tem o direito de ser eligido pra roubar..

  8. ashamed of being born here

    My good God as I die of shame to be a Brazilian I would give anything to get naturalized Japanese or American

  9. W.G.

    Well, you needn’t be “ashamed”, since you had nothing personally to do with having been born where you were.
    There are uncountable things that need to be improved in Brazil, and millions who want to see things to change. But they don’t know how to do it. They become frustrated. They vote for Tiririca as a sign of their frustration and disdain for the system.
    One major impediment to change is that the system is set up to make this nearly impossible. The electoral system is a good example. I live in the State of Rio de Janeiro. Who “represents” me in the Brazilian Congress? I have no idea. The elections are at-large. There are no electoral districts. So, how do I know for whom to vote? Do I merely wind up voting for a party rather than a candidate? Has any candidate knocked on my door to ask for my vote? Of course not. If I have a problem, to whom can I write in Brasília? Again, no idea. Of course, the system could be changed in order to make it more representative. You can sign a petition demanding that Brazil adopt a single member electoral district system. BUT, guess who has the real power to do this … those who who are in power and who are there thanks to the current system. No way that they are going to change a system from which they reap so many benefits. Since people can’t see how to change things, so they forget about politics. Watch a soccer game. Get excited about carnaval. As the phrase goes, “relaxa e goza”.

  10. Brazilian...

    you say this becausedid not see the most listened style of Brazil, is a true trash!’m talking about the “funk”, he was already good, but nowadays it has become this: watch? v = ehLEvONGeDQ, the lyrics of the song speaks only he (the singer) will have sexual relations with her … I’m Brazilian hate the “funk”, I like to listen to music mericanas LOL … (sorry for the mistakes spelling and coherenceI used the google translator …)

  11. zoiudinho

    eu sou brasileiro e acho meu pais uma merd mas nem todos somos assim logo verao o unico brasileiro bom

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  13. Paul

    Well, having lived here for 6 years and been here off and on for 5 years before that I can say that Brazil is definitely not a serious country. It is, however, a country I have a lot of love for. I doubt very much Brazil will ever become a serious country. There are simply too many vested interests and too much opium……(football, samba, etc etc)

  14. W.G.

    Brazil is a bit like one’s child; you love it despite it’s defects. I’ve been waiting for it to improve (that is, become more democratic, with more honest politicians and a more educated, informed electorate) for more than 20 years. It hasn’t. It won’t. Those in power remain in power, offering food (read: bolsa família) and circuses (read: carnaval and soccer) to the masses. And they reinforce their power with clever self-praising ads on tv, (e.g., the constant ads from the city government of BH and the state government of MG, all paid for out of the taxpayer’s pocket), and which to my amazement, everybody here seems to think is perfectly natural.

    • Nélio

      yeah… that sucks. it comes from long ago. Back in history when this land was found by ppl who only wanted to explore it in a self thriving way, In the sense of the word, to steal from it. I ain’t making up excuses so that we couldn’t get any better. But it’s all about culture. Tough luck. Despite all this miserable system, we do keep on fighting and believing that one day it’ll defenitly get better for us. To talk about us from a higher hill, that’s easy. To be us, that’s tough. Think about it.

  15. Este é o nosso Brasil onde carnaval,samba e futebol são o foco das atenções e a saúde, educação e segurança bem isso ai o governo varre pra de baixo do tapete como Ronaldo o fenômeno disse: Hospital não faz copa. O governo gasta milhões com estádios mas e com o povo eles gastam isso não porque será talvez porque a maior parte do dinheiro gasto na copa foi pra conta de alguns poderosos o jeito aqui e entregar de volta aos Índios e pedir desculpas.

  16. law

    É bom que os outros vejam o país retardado, lixo, pobre, mendigo e de pessoas que só se preocupam com elas mesmas que é o Brasil.
    Porque quem vir morar no Brasil vai conhecer oque é a miséria e a desgraça.

    • billinrio

      Também acho que seria bom se os mundo pudesse ver o Brasil
      como ele é e não maquiado por Lula e Cia. Mas duvido muito que
      as pessoas que passam tempo aqui para ver os jogos da Copa terão a oportunidade de conhecer “lixo, pobre, e mendigo”. Estarão blindadas por um exército brasileiro mobilizado com a missão de manter o lado “feio” afastado. O que o mundo vai ver é o show da Escola de Samba Beija-Flor no Maracanã.

  17. Nélio

    it’s all waste of time.
    Eres todo una pierda del tempo
    É tudo perda de tempo.

  18. billinrio

    Se vai escrever em espanhol, pelo menos procure acertar a gramática:
    “Es todo …” e não “Eres todo …”. Sem entrar no duvidoso mérito do comentário.

  19. Mary Smith

    It is sad but I have to agree with Charles de Gaulle.

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