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The most important election of recent times

More than a presidential race, the American election of 2012 presents itself as a chess game where the opponents are challenged to establish the pragmatic fate of the ideologies practiced so far, aiming to boost the economy of the “country of freedom” against the scenario of global crisis and economic abyss.

The Republican Party, which has already had conservatism as its main feature, practices Laissez-Faire, symbol of the undeniable freedom provided to the people. Freedom? Let’s understand “undeniable” in the parameters of late twentieth century, since the sub prime chapter and the unbridled release of credit has clearly demonstrated the danger of liberalism, which can be better defined as an economic libertinism.

And as usual, the bubble, or rather, the bomb exploded in the hands of people who, through the government, had to cope with the high cost of speculations which were run by private banks, by using public money. It’s the old vicious circle: the poor helping the rich not to jeopardize them even more.

We’re definitely moving towards the fall of state power.

The challenge to the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, is the maintenance of economic freedom and the generation of employment and income… nonsense, perhaps.

On the other hand, Obama represents the solidification of the economic base by setting taxes proportional to the income of each, that is, he who is richer, pays more taxes. It seems obvious from the standpoint of proportion, but the issue becomes complex if verified individual guarantees and the principle of equality, as expressed in the famous phrase: “all are equal before the law.”

With the “fall” of the principle of equality (obviously inside the capitalist system), or rather, with the exposure of the egalitarian-capitalist utopia, it is curtailed, at least in part, the principle of freedom which is the foundation of the “American Dream”. This is because those earning more are taxed more, and those who are taxed more, yield less and slow the economy down.

It’s as if the American president himself spoke to his people: “We are not that free.”


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