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O Ministério da Saúde Informa:


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Brazil is not a serious country / Le Brésil n’est pas um pays sérieux

Charles de Gaulle, French President, said in the 60’s, during a political crisis between Brazil and France, the famous sentence: “Le Brésil n’est pas um pays sérieux” (Brazil is not a serious country).

If you want to understand why, watch the video below about a candidate called “Tiririca” who is running for the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies (Lower House) in 2010.

The video has 4 parts which are translated below.

Part 1: “Hello folks, I’m here to ask for your vote ‘cause I wanna be a deputy… to help the people in need, including my family. Therefore, my number is 2222… if you don’t vote on me, I will DIE” (funny yelling)

Part 2: “I’m Tiririca from TV, I’m a deputy candidate. What does a deputy do? Actually, I don’t know. But, vote on me and I’ll tell you. Vote on Tiririca, it won’t get any worse than it is… Vote 2222 for deputy, ok?” (slang)

Part 3: “I’m Tiririca, a deputy (candidate), my number is 2222. When you type (the number) right there in the voting machine, this guy will appear… and this guy is me… OH, WHAT A HANDSOME CANDIDATE!”

Part 4: “Are you tired of those who cheat (slang)? So vote on Tiririca for deputy. My number is 2222. ‘Cause if you vote on me, I’ll be in Brasilia and I’ll be, actually, doing ‘the thing’ for the life of our Brazil, our life, our moment, our… thing, that we have (completely senseless). For deputy, Tiririca… vote on this stupid one.”

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